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The Saga of a Shy Fellow

Genre: Fiction - Psychological Suspense

Formats: Printed (Paperback)
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–- 296 pages (6x9 inches)
–- 981 KB (Ebook)


ISBN English version (Ebook): 85-901824-6-0
ISBN Portuguese version (Ebook): 85-901824-3-6
ISBN English paperback version: 1-58939-685-5
ISBN Portuguese paperbak version: 85-901824-1-X

The Saga of a Shy Fellow

The circumstances and family dynamic of the main character, Joman, that transformed him into a shy child, the immigrant situation of his Portuguese father, the influences from school and from the street, his struggle to overcome his shyness, the triumph, and his second leap forward, to free himself of anguish, all of this awaits you in The Saga of Shy Fellow. A book filled with action and suspense right up to the last page.

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Bible Quotes in Crystal Land

Genre: Mystical and Science Fiction

Format: Printed (Paperback)
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–- 369 pages (letter)
–- 1,41 MB (Ebook)


ISBN English version: 85-901824-8-7
ISBN Portuguese version: 85-901824-2-8
ISBN English paperback version: 1-59526-504-X
ISBN Portuguese paperback version: 85-87042-07-6

Bible Verses and Science

Mysterious beings lead a young woman, Cristina, to an exotic part of Brazil where, in the middle of adventures involving the prospecting for quartz crystals, Bible verses appear in the form of seven signs. The Bible is cited many times and there are remarkable similarities between certain verses with contemporary scientific information. For example, several pieces of evidence indicate that Adamís rib, used in the creation of woman, as described in the Bible, symbolizes the chromosome, a structure in the nucleus of cells that contains the genetic code. This is an action-packed story with a surprise ending.

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